Haul / Unhaul #1

Hey Readers!

This month I’ve had to get rid of some books. I know *sniffle*, It’s sad.

But with that being said, it does give me more book-space on my shelf! Yay! I went shopping at my local secondhand bookstore and bought some amazing books! so exciting!

So instead of doing separate posts, I thought I’d combine the two and share which book I’ll be saying goodbye to and which ones I’ll be adding to my bookshelf this month


Now I’ve bought quite a lot of books this month to hopefully add to my monthly TBR lists. I’m hoping to strategically choose which books I should be putting into those TBRs. But knowing me, I’d probably go with whichever I’m feeling that month. Which may indulge my inner mood reader but doesn’t really meet my goal of reading outside my preferred genre.

I really do need a strategy in choosing these books so I don’t constantly fall into picking books from genres that I am comfortable in. Which I am definitely guilty of. #fantasyaddict.

But with that being said, I think the books that I have bought will allow not only allow me to read books that less hyped but also widen my reading experience. Now, without further ado… here this month’s haul!

Big Books – Over 600 pages

It’s been one of my goals this year to tackle more “big” and intimidating books that I have always shied away from the past, simply because of the number of pages and (with English being my second language) the complex language of the book.

I got this idea from this amazing Booktuber I was watching earlier in the year, (The channel is called @bookswithemilyfox, if you want to check it out) where she tackles one intimidating book per month.

Now, I don’t think I will be doing this every month as I am still getting back into reading again. But I will definitely be doing so every other month.


Now, as well as adding to my bookshelf. I’ve, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to some books this month. Simply because I’ve either DNFed the book, lost interest in the continuing the series or I’ve not wanted to re-read that book.

As much as I want to keep them and create a mini Library at my house, I’ve only got a limited amount of space. Therefore, I can’t have these books lying around and collecting dust on my shelf.

These listed books are either going to friends and family that are going to enjoy them better or simply donating to my local second-hand bookstore.

What books have you bought? Which books have you Unhauled this month?


Until Next Time,

Jaz xoxo