Weekly Update – 21/04/19

Hi Readers!

I saw this post floating around on WordPress and I wanted to do something similar. However, this post will be a mixture of the ‘Weekly Update Post’ and the ‘Sunday Post’, a weekly meme originally hosted by Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

Now due to the incident last week where I wasn’t well, I had to re-post what had happened on a couple of posts to let you guys know what was happening.

So, I wanted to have a post were I can update you guys on what’s going on during the week and what I might be planning for this blog instead of popping up random posts. This will also give you guys a chance to catch up on any posts that you may have missed.

I know one of my goals this month is to figure out a posting schedule for this blog as right now everything is all over the place. But don’t worry, I have a method to the madness.

I finally (sorta) figured out a posting schedule so that you guys will know what to expect instead of a post popping up at random times.

However, with that being said, it is not a set schedule yet and might change depending on how busy I am. I don’t want to try to do a set schedule yet because knowing me I’ll just end up putting pressure on myself and get stressed.

So, to prevent that, I have just laid out a guideline on the days that I will be posting.

  • Monday – Mini Reviews
  • Wednesday – WWW Wednesday
  • Thursday – Tag
  • Friday – Reviews
  • Saturday – Haul/ Discussions/Misc.
  • Sunday – Weekly Update

Now without further ado, lets get into the update!

This Week

Next Week

  • Mini Reviews: A Court of Thorns and Roses + Half Bad | Review
  • Red Winter by Annette Marie | Review
  • WWW Wednesday #6 | Meme
  • Bookish Identity Tag | Tag
  • Haul #3 | Misc.


It’s been a pretty good uneventful week. I’ve recently started to take my nutrition more seriously and I’ve also joined the Gym to help combat my bones going brittle in the future. Never thought nutrition and fitness would have so many numerical equations. My number-hating brain can’t take it!

So… I’ve taken the easier route and asked my best friend, who’s training to be a personal trainer, to work it out for me 😜. I mean why struggle when it’s more fun to get someone to do it for you.

I think I might create an account on Netgalley and Edelweiss in the future. But since I’ve only got a small following I’m not sure when I should be applying for eARCs. Anyone have any advice? Even so, I might start looking into it at the end of either this month or the next.

How has your week been? What has been the most interesting read so far? Anything interesting happening in your life?


Until Next Time,

Jaz xoxo