Weekly Update – 28/04/19

Hi Readers!

Welcome to another Weekly Update! It’s to update you guys on all the post posted this week and what will be posted next week. I will also be letting you guys know on any changes and weekly life updates.

So without further do, lets get started!

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It’s been quite busy for me this week, I’ve been trying to keep up on work, working out and consistently posting on this blog. It’s not been bad but that means I haven’t really got any reading done this week..

If you have noticed, I’m only going to do a couple of posts next week because I’ve recently got an eye infection. Yeah I know. So Fun! πŸ˜’

I mean I can still do simple chores around the house but it has been more difficult when I stare at the screen all day for work and then I have to do so some more staring when I write up my blog posts.

But the Doctor did say that it’s going to take a week or so for my eye to recover. So hopefully I’ll be back to my crazy self after that πŸ˜‰. Don’t worry the posts for next week are already done and scheduled. Thank God.

I just want to be spending that week resting and recovering. I hope you guys understand.😊

How has your week been? Anything interesting happening? What has been the most interesting read so far?


Until Next Time,

Jaz xoxo