The 5 W’s Book Tag

Welcome to another Tag Thursday! This week’s chosen tag is the 5 W’s Book Tag which was done over at Books and Other Pursuits.

Once again I wasn’t tagged, I just thought it would be fun! If you would like to do this tag with me, you are more than welcome too!

Now without further ado, let’s get started!

1) WHO? Who is an author you’d love to have a one on one with?

Oof. Since I’ve gotten back into reading again, I’ve acquired a list of favourite authors that I’d love to have a one-on-one with. However, if I had to choose… I’d definitely choose either Brandon Sanderson, due to the way he comes up with his magic systems and the elaborate way he builds his fantasy/sci-fi worlds, or R F Kuang, due to her use of real historical events and how she wove it in to her mythical world.

2) WHAT? What genre or style do you most gravitate to?

Mmm… Definitely fantasy novels. I don’t know what it is about them, I just love being transported into another world and having amazing adventures.

3) WHERE? Where do you prefer to read?

Well, I mean everybody has their favourite spot to go to when reading. But for me, I don’t really have a preference. Just anywhere that is quiet and comfy so I can snuggle up and get lost in the book that I’m reading.

4) WHEN? What time of the day do you prefer to read?

Mmm… well if I could pick any time of day, I would. But unfortunately I have responsibilities. With that being said, I do find myself reading before I go to bed as it helps me sleep. Well…that’s if I don’t read a murder mystery or else I’ll be up all night wanting to know who the killer is.

5) WHY? Why is your favourite book your favourite book?

Thing is though, I can’t really say a specific reason. It’s like saying who’s your favourite child to a mother. You love a specific child for a specific reason and it’s that same goes for my books. I love a specific book for a specific reason. There’s no common reason for all of them.

Have you done the 5 W’s Book Tag? What are your 5 W’s?


Until Next Time,

Jaz xoxo


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