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Welcome to another Tag Thursday! This week’s chosen tag is the Unpopular Opinions Book Tag which was done over at A Thousand Reads.

Once again I wasn’t tagged, I just thought it would be fun! If you would like to do this tag with me, you are more than welcome too!

Now without further ado, let’s get started!

What is a popular book or series that you didn’t like? 

Half Bad by Sally Green

There was a lot of hype surrounding this book but I just couldn’t get into it. I hated the writing style which distracted me from diving in and immersing myself into this book.

What is a popular book genre that you hardly reach for?

 Oof, I’d have to say Contemporary books. I just find them boring for some reason. I’ve never found interest in wanting to know about someone else’s life. I mean with mysteries or fantasy books I have a whole world to explore where as Contemporary books are mostly character development based books which I don’t necessarily go for.

What is a popular or beloved character that you do not like?

Cardan , A Folk of the Air Series by Holly Black

Urgh. I have so many issues with this character. I know he is a beloved character in the YA community, especially those who love this series. However, I just don’t agree with the fact that everyone had glossed over his abusive nature simply because of a bad upbringing. His actions shouldn’t be justified just because he is a “misunderstood” character.

What is a popular book trope you are tired of seeing?

Definitely The Love Triangle/Square Trope. I am just tired of seeing this trope done terrible. I mean, first of all, being a main character, they already have a lot on their plate, yet they also have two other people fighting over for their affection. I mean that’s a lot to handle. Lastly, I don’t understand why you would fight over one person . It’s not like they’re the only person there.

What is a movie or TV show adaption of a book or series that you like more than the book/s?

The Vampire Diaries

I found the books sort of departed from the original story in the last 3 books where as the TV show stayed true to the story plot. I mean I guess I could understand that it was a complete different author that had written the last books but I found that the essence of the books which was about Elena, Stephan and Damon was lost.

Have you done the Unpopular Opinions Tag? What are your unpopular bookish opinions?


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