January Wrap Up 2020

Hi, Lovelies!

Welcome to the first Wrap-up of the year! *happy dance* Wow! This month has gone really quick. I can’t believe that January has already gone by.

I hope you’ve all had a great reading month this January!

So far, I think I’ve had a pretty strong start to the year, in terms of books. I’ve not really had any duds this month apart from a couple few. Overall, I’ve read some really good books this month.

Although, I do think I could do better in terms of reading more books from other genres. Hopefully, I’ll do better in choosing other books in February.

Anyway, let’s get into the rest of the blog post!

What I Read

  • The Binding by Bridget Collins
  • The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen
  • One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus
  • The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood
  • Caraval by Stephanie Garber
  • The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang
  • The Bride’s Test by Helen Hoang

Favourite Book(s) of the Month

The Binding by Bridget Collins

The Poppy War by R. F Kuang

One of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

What I Used


Muji Gel Pens

I’ve heard a lot of good things when it came to this pen. Since I’m addicted to stationery, naturally I wanted to get a set. I had purchased these pens a while back, but I had just decided to try them out to see if they were worth the hype.

Overall, I found them to be very smooth and glided well across the paper. I think the only downside to them was that they took quite some time to dry so they were prone to smudging.

Zebra Mildliners Highlighters

I have wanted to get a set of these for sooooo long! Finally, I was able to purchase a set but because the shipping was all the way in Japan it took soo long to get here. But once they arrived, I was suuper excited to use them. They definitely lived up to the hype! And I absolutely love the colours!!

Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal

I absolutely love this bullet journal. I had previously tried the Lenome Bullet Journal Notebook. But I hated that the pages were perforated and that the dots on the pages were distractingly dark. I really liked this one so far.


Pyunkang Yul

This has got to be one of my favourite toners ever. This is my 3rd bottle so far of this stuff and I still love it. It’s really great if you have dry and/or sensitive skin like me. I can actually feel the difference in my skin if I stop using it.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24 hr Freshwear Liquid Foundation

I bought this foundation because I was watching one of the beauty gurus on Youtube and they were raving about this product. Since I’m on a quest to find the perfect foundation, I thought I would try this one out. I’ve only really tried this product once but so far it was pretty good. It did make my skin feel a little drier than usual though. Maybe it would be better to try in the summer. I do want to test this product out a bit further though to see if it is going to be my holy grail foundation.

What I did


Since one of my reading goals this year is to read more book from Asian authors, I’ve decided to partake in the Asian Readathon hosted by  CW @ The Quiet PondLily @ Sprinkles Of DreamsShealea @ Shut Up, Shealea and Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads

What I love about this readathon is that it isn’t time-sensitive and I have the whole year to complete this challenge. I will be doing an official post in the month of February stating how I will be tracking my reads and how many books I plan to read.

What I Watched

Wicked Musical

This musical has been on my “things to do before 30” list for YEARS! I just never got the time to go. Well, this year, I finally got my arse in gear and went to watch it with a friend… and Oh My God! Why the hell did I live my life for this long and not watch this?! It was absolutely amazing! I was completely mesmerized by the whole production. I was honestly scared to tear my eyes way because I thought I would miss the smallest detail.

What Is Your Favourite Book That You Read In January?

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    1. Ikr! And I love how dark the black ink is in these pens. I usually have trouble finding black pens that show up well in some papers.
      Ooh. I haven’t heard of that series but I’m sure it’s amazing.

      1. And the other colours are great too, I have a lovely plummy one that is gorgeous 🙂 I keep meaning to replace all my other pens with just a big packet of these. The series is a lot of fun – Regency England but with a matriarchy and magic!

      2. Ooh. I haven’t tried the coloured ones yet. Might have to put that on my always-growing list of stationary things to get 😆
        Wow! Sounds so good. Might have to have a look at that series..

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