Bujo With Me | March 2020

Hi Lovelies!

Welcome to the first Bujo with Me series that I will be doing on La Belle Bibliophile! I’ve been wanting to these for sooo long so I’m super excited (but slightly nervous) to finally start doing these!

I’ve been bullet journalling for about over a year now and I’ve been wanting to do these plan with me posts but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. Well, taking some inspirations from other bullet journallers here on WordPress, I finally took the time to set up my spreads and actually show you my spread for this coming March.

I hope you’re ready for some bujo inspirations! Let’s get started!

Items Used

  • Tombow Dual Brush Pens (997,990, 942)
  • Muji Gel Pens – Black
  • Coffee Stickers
  • Brown Postage Paper
  • Washi Tape
  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Uni Jetstream Ballpoint Pen 0.38 (To fill in my journal)

Bujo Spread

After scouring through Pinterest and watching a couple of YouTube videos for inspiration, I finally was a able to put together a monthly spread that was both simple enough to be functional yet still gave some room for any artistic flare that I wanted to add.

The theme I wanted to portray for this month’s set up was “Cozy Coffee Mornings“. I probably should have used this theme for Autumn but inspiration just struck and I couldn’t ignore it… so I just went with it.

Cover Page

I took inspiration from Nina’s [@bujobeyond] layout but I did some tweaking to the design. Since I had a section where I could write down any important dates or future events, I didn’t need a calendar with huge boxes. However, I did leave enough room so I could draw the Moon phases into the calendar so I could track when they would occur. 

I originally had a section for Goals and Notes for my January and February spread. However, I always seem to leave those sections blank. So, I decided to leave them out for this month and added a Highlights of the Month and a Stats Tracker.

I have really been getting into my Tarot readings lately and I previously did a yearly spread. Since I had space, I wanted to incorporate my card of the month into this page to give me an overview of what kind of energy I should be expecting this month. 

EDIT TIPS & TRICKS: I know a lot of people don’t do Tarot readings, so this section will not be of use to you. However, you can replace the Tarot Section and add Goals, To-Do List and Notes.

Finance Log | Brain Dump

I saw a similar Financial Spread like this on Pinterest because I thought the layout was simple enough for me to use. What isn’t simple however is the link to the original creator of this spread. I just can’t seem to bloody find it! So to make things easier on myself I’m just going to link the image from Pinterest.

I think my most favourite spread out of the all the other spreads would have to be the Brain Dump Spread. I could literally write anything thing that my brain has concocted and just splodge it onto this page. It can anything from blog ideas, shopping lists to spontaneous ideas that I could add to my art journal and what I love about it, is it can be as messy or as neat as I want it to be.

Blog Log | Self Care Tracker

I know I said that I used Pinterest when looking for inspiration but when I saw this Blog Tracker spread done by Jenna @Bookmark Your Thoughts, I had to use it!

I’ve been trying to find a way to track my blog posts as well as the books I have read and I thought that this spread had laid this out perfectly. What’s even better is that it’s simple and super easy to use!

As for the Self-Care Tracker, I wanted to find a way to track acts of self-care that I should do every day. Although I am a big advocate on self-care, I do often forget to do them when I am either super busy or just have a lot on my mind. This is a way to remind me to do at least one of these acts every day.

EDIT TIP & TRICKS: You don’t have to limit yourself to Mind, Body and Spirit. You can also add Social or Emotional.

Weekly Spread

And last but certainly not the least, my Weekly Spread! I definitely took inspiration from Lavennz Ooi’s [penpapersoul] beautifully laid out spread. Since this is the spread that I am going spend most of my time at, I wanted it to be functional yet gave me enough space to write my daily intentions and/or aspirations and any journal prompts. 

She also gave me the idea to do weekly Habit Trackers. I am often terrible at tracking my habits on a monthly scale. So when I saw that she scaled it down to a weekly basis. I thought I would give it a go and I found that it has definitely worked for my needs.

And that’s all for my March set up! Simple yet creative was what I was aiming for this month. I didn’t want to use too many colours and kept it as monochrome as I could.

Which of these spreads are your favourite? What spread/tracker do you find helpful?

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Please do let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or requests about any current or future spreads.

4 thoughts on “Bujo With Me | March 2020

  1. OH MY GOSH!! YAY! I love knowing people are using some of the layouts I use in my bullet journal spreads! That blog tracker one SAVES me all the time ha-ha! Thank you for the shout out! I love your spread! It looks so adorable (now I’ve realized I haven’t done my March spread yet … oops …)

    1. Ikr! Its definitely a great bujo spread and so simple to use!!

      No worries! It’s definitely well deserved! I absolutely love ur spreads they’re so simple and cute! Thank you so much for the comment!! Looking forward to ur March spread 👍😄

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