February Wrap-Up 2020

Hi Lovelies!

Another month, another wrap-up. I hope you’ve all had a great month!

For me, in terms of reading, I think I’ve had a pretty ok month. Not a whole lot of books that really stood out to me though. I think the only one I really favoured the most was from the romance genre which really surprised me. But then again, I could say I was a little bit biased towards that particular book since I grew up watching the movie interpretation of that book.

Most of the books, particularly the YA books, kinda disappointed me this month. Although I ended up finishing most of them, they did leave me with an unsatisfied feeling at the end of it. Oh well, I hope next month’s batch is better.

Also, I was actually able to achieve my reading goals for this month. Yay! I mean I’m still reading a book from the last genre now but I should be able finish that about next week.

Overall, not a bad ending to the month of February!

Anyway, enough of me rambling. Let’s get to the rest of the blog post!

What I Read

  • Legendary by Stephanie Garber – DNF
  • Legend by Marie Lu
  • The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black
  • A Walk to Remember by Nicolas Sparks
  • Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi
  • The Witchcraft Handbook by Midia Star
  • The Illustrated Herbiary by Maia Toll
  • The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

Currently Reading

  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • The Inexplicable Logic of My Life by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Favourite Book of the Month

A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks

What I Did

What I Used


Uni Ball Jetstream 0.38mm

Since buying a set of these last year, this pen has been a constant favourite of mine whenever I use it. I often use it when I am filling in the weekly spreads on my Bullet Journal. It just makes my hand-writing look amazing and super neat.

Tombow Dual Brush Pens – Neutral

I have recently started using these pens whenever I set out my Monthly spreads in my Bullet Journal and I absolutely love them! I originally used the Crayola Super Tips to set out my spreads. However, using the Tombow Brush Pens are so much easier when you are doing faux calligraphy. I’ve recently used pens in my March setup.

What I Watched

Extraordinary You

I found this series a couple of days ago when I was trying to find a new series to distract me for a couple of months. Well this series was absolutely no help since I ended up watching the whole 16 episodes in one sitting! I seriously loved the whole concept of the storyline.

The premise of the story is that the main protagonist, Dan-oh, finds out that she is a character in comic book called Secret and authority goes to the Writer (who is not shown throughout the series). What’s even worst is that writer has given her a lame storyline as the side-character that gets engaged to her long time crush, who hates her, and she has a heart disease and is expected to die soon.

Unsatisfied with this set-up she takes it into her hands to try and change her fate with the help of a nameless student, Number 13.

Honestly, this was such a great watch. I definitely praise the actress playing the main character as she was definitely the best part of the whole series. Her extra-ness just made the whole thing so entertaining to watch. I thought she did an amazing job!


I finally went and watched it! I have been raving about this musical since I discovered it in YouTube. The soundtrack to this  has been on constant repeat waaay before I even went to watch and I was so hyped when I finally did. It was everything I hoped it would be! It is definitely one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen, next to Wicked and Miss Saigon.

How Did Your February Go? What’s Your Favourite Book This Month?